Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stanford E-Week : Idea to Implementation - Media X at the intersection

Get an insider view of the Stanford research ecosystem where , technology begets social transformation -   Join us during Stanford E-week:

Monday, March 5, 6:00 - 7:30 PM #100 Cordura HallIdea to Implementation - Media X at the Intersection

Media X panel during the Stanford Entrepreneurial Week
Neerja Raman, moderator
Chuck House, Chancellor Cogswell College, Emeritus Media X
Franny Lee, Assoc. Dir. Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange
Chao King and Hiroshi Tomita, Konica Minolta Systems Lab

   How does a research project evolve to a product? The Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange provides an example.
Google, SUN Microsystems, Yahoo - just a few of the highly successful companies with research roots from Stanford University. Sometimes the business community pulls ideas out of the university. Sometimes the university pushes them out. Along the way from idea to success, many organizations and individuals get involved, providing talent, information and capital. This innovation ecosystem of relationships, catalysts and resources is part of Stanford's secret sauce. 
   This panel will highlight some of the critical entrepreneurial enablers that have given life to a research idea introduced in 2006 and developed into a technology that is transforming the way people can monetize and use online content created by themselves and others.


Neerja Raman said...

thank you for helping Stanford E-Week 2012 become a huge success.

Update on SEN E-week 2012:

In 10 days we featured 32 events from 16 separate SEN groups, and reached over a 1500 students. In additional to a buzzing blog and Twitter #, we've been featured by KQED and SF Chronicle online (due to the incredible work of the Journalism students).

The feedback from students, staff, and guests is incredible

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