Friday, October 23, 2009

NRN VC Fund: Help those doing good work

A headline in my TOI (Times of India Friday Oct 23- I'm getting addicted to acronyms like all Indians) has made my day - yes its the one about Murthy (of Infosys fame) setting up a $36 million VC fund saying "entrepreneurship is the only cure for poverty and job creation". In India, family businesses still rule. If its not the M&M saga its headlines like "Prez's son leads the baba log charge" (about Pres. Patil's son winning assembly seat- politics is business) or how 5th generation Kapoor is set to be the next bollywood star (entertainment). So a move like this by one of the most respected people in India signals change. But it is the fine print that excites me. Murthy has said he will invest in the fields of basic health care, education and nutrition signalling that long term investment is also a priority. Additionally his reason for setting up the fund is: "there are people doing good work in India." He wants to support them and help them grow rather than start yet another effort himself and reinvent the wheel.
Good move Mr. Murthy - I am a fan of Good Capital.

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