Friday, September 14, 2007

Flickering Feather in COW Cap

Computers On Wheels -COW was set up in a UP village Etah in the month of August for Drishtee group ( CNN IBN had covered the story in its today's news. This effort was possible because of the hard work of Drishtee team and Vidal Team. Vidal team includes Ananth, Niranjana, Riyaz and Bhupal with intermittent support from me. Drishtee too had an enthusiastic team in Madhu, Anurag and Singh with intermittent support from Satyan and Nitin. Vidal team went to UP to set the COW and train the riders for applying it for their local conditions. It is a promising collaboration just now, as the value is acknowledge by Drishtee, who are interested in taking COW along with them to other regions they operate after a 60 day value audit. We hope to see new uses for COW, combining social and economic development of rural entrepreneurs and village folk. We are hoping this will give the needed push for COW to start its own life cycle, which was long over due.
I wanted to keep you posted, as I know your good wishes are always with us for our social development work and application of COW for the same. Thanks for your support.
Rajeswari Pingali,
Villages in Development and Learning Foundation (ViDAL)

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