Monday, February 27, 2017

India Story - numbers or percentages?

My India Railway ticket story brought me good news and bad - good because I got instant comments and so I know someone out there reads my stuff; bad because two of the comments were from folks who missed the point of the story. Remember, this blog is biased towards enabling businesses with a social mission - my India story is to highlight how in India, while 300 million people live at the speed of internet, 700 million operate at the speed of bullock carts (I agree they don't pollute). So in terms of numbers - its India shining indeed! In terms of percentages, we still have the lowest internet penetration of any country in the world - this includes African countries.

I am in India now. In Gurgaon - I have great Airtel internet service - in a tower where backup power comes in 30 seconds if grid power is lost - this morning power has cycled fifteen times already - every time that happens - internet router dies and then comes back up and then dies etc. So its taken me all morning to do one email - and one blog. Its not about being in the stone age - its recognizing that we need to help ourselves - the rest of the world sees the 300 million as competition - we need to see the other 700 and do something.
(Author note - this post was written a while back - But the point is still valid)

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